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Systems, Risk Management and Training - Safety is Serious



The foundation for safety in any organisation is how robust it's safety management system is. We all know that compliance and reporting are vital to managing workplace safety but strong OHS/WHS laws are putting more and more emphasis on company's OHS management systems.


  • SWMS

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Risk Assessments

  • Incident Investigation

  • JSA

  • Training Plans

  • Environmental Plans

  • Tender Submissions






Don't get caught out without a plan.

As many companies move away from traditional LAG indicators and look at ways to improve LEAD indicators, identifying risk is critical to eliminating workplace injuries. 


We can help you prepare an OHS plan for submission to council and tenders. This will ensure you meet the minimum requirements for business submissions.


At OHS Consultant we can customise and implement our easy to use OHS management system software to meet your safety demands and train your staff on how to accurately use it to its best effect.

Our system can be used on your local computer or available remotely via a server or mobile computer device.



For a company to improve it's safety performance and maintain productivity it needs leaders that believe incidents and injuries can be eliminated from the workplace.

OHS Consultant has the expertise to work closely with your leadership team and give them skills and confidence to generate effective safety conversations.

We do this using the latest behavioural safety learning and communication techniques.

This will give your supervisors, team leaders and foreman the ability to ensure the company safety message 'cuts through' to all employees in all activities.




“Our OHS Consultant arrived here at our office and quickly understood what we needed to manage safety here. We now have an easy to use computer system that enables us to capture all our OHS information one place. It allowed us to manage the data better and we can focus on what's important , the safety of our staff. It took all the pressure off ”

Ben, Project Manager

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